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Automotive bearings and unit products


Water pump bearings with highly reliable seal
  • Special bearings designed for engine water pumps.
  • Excellent waterproof performance using high-sealing seal. These bearings have life three times longer than that of conventional products.
  • A variety of sizes and types available.
Phenolic resin idler pulleys
  • Using special phenol resin that is gentle on belts, these bearings contribute to weight and cost reduction.
Sealed bearing for enhanced water resistance
  • Demonstrating waterproof capability and low torque even in severe water conditions, these bearings include compressor pulley bearings, etc.
Heat-resistant bearings for alternators
  • Expanded flaking resistance countermeasure technology under vibration conditions to ultrahigh temperatures (180℃).
  • Superior heatproof performance of raceway material, heat treatment, retainers and seals.
Ceramic ball bearings for turbochargers
  • Rolling bearings with ceramic balls, contributing to improved turbocharger performance.
Low-friction roller follower for rocker arms
  • Greatly reduced torque loss by adjusting each contact surface.
Ball bearings for motorcycle crank journals
  • Improved seizure and wear resistance by NV nitriding surface treatment of retainer.
Split type needle roller and cage assemblies for big ends of motorcycle
connecting rods
  • Suitable for severe lubrication conditions, such as in two-cycle engines, etc.
  • Contribute to reduction of output loss.
Sealed bearings for motorcycle high-pressure applications
  • Suitable for high temperatures and pressures inside crankshaft cases.
Hub units

Hub driveshaft modules
  • Combination of hub unit and CVJ technology enables this lighter-weight module.
Hub unit with speed sensor
  • Capable of detecting rotation speed 1 min -1.
  • Superior ease of speed sensor assembly and service.
Third-generation taperd roller hub unit
  • One-piece hub shaft and inner ring (3rd generation) enables this lightweight unit.
Lighter weight hub units for non-driving wheels
  • Lightweight while maintaining strength and rigidity.

Hub units location
  1st generation(1G)
Hub Unit Bearing
2nd generation(2G)
Hub Unit Bearing
3rd generation(3G)
Hub Unit Bearing
Ball bearing Current product
Current product
Current product
Tapered Roller
Current product
Current product
Developed product
Features Internal clearance is already set Outer ring and flange are integrated Hub shaft is also integrated
    2.5 G Hub Unit Bearing
    Current product
    Knuckle is also integrated

Hub Unit with integrated Wheel Speed Sensor
Passive type for driven wheel
Passive type for driving wheel
Example of output frequency
Active type for driven wheel
Example of output frequency

Chassis, etc.

Bearings for strut mount-style suspension
  • Bearing compactness achieved by press-process raceways.
  • Seals prevent bearing separation.
Bearings with resinous sheet for strut mount-style suspension
  • Resin spring seats enable these bearings to have lower weight and cost.
DAC type double row angular contact ball bearings
  • Series of ball bearings for wheels having high moment rigidity and sealing performance.
  • Unnecessary to adjust pre-load during assembling.
  • Filled in advance with grease having superior heat and wear resistance.
Bearings for sliding doors
  • Commonly used in sliding doors of RVs, etc. to enable smooth opening and closing.
SOLPACK drawn cup needle roller bearings for suspension of motorcycle
  • Roller separation prevented and maintenance-free performance enabled by filling with polymer lubricant (SOLPACK bearing).



Tapered roller bearing unit for axle pinion
  • Suitable for differential gear housing light alloys.
Low friction tapered roller bearing
  • Maintaining the advantage of tapered roller bearings while having torque as low as that of ball bearings.
Needle roller and cage assemblies for high-rotation speed planetary gears
  • Contribute to AT unit multi-staging and compactness through handling carrier high-speed rotation.
Low friction needle roller and cage thrust assemblies
  • Reduce rotational torque up to 60% by optimizing contact system between rollers and retainers.
Clutch release bearing
  • A variety of bearings for pull and push type clutches.
  • Light type with pressed-steel raceway also available.
Long life bearing series
  • A series of high-performance bearings using special heat treatment and materials.
  • Extending bearing life that is ususally short because of severe operating conditions.
Sprag type one-way clutches
  • A compact device for automatic transmissions that transmits torque in only one direction.
  • KW series has excellent torque transmission performance, and the KX series is lightweight and produces small inertia force.
Low cost and lightweight one-way clutch
  • Weight and cost reduced by reducing the number of parts.
Drawn cup needle roller bearings for propeller shaft
  • Shell type bearings suitable for cross joints of propeller shafts and driveshafts.
  • Superior lubrication performance from machining radiation grooves in the bottom of cups.
Double cardan constant-velocity joints
  • Lightweight, compact constant velocity joints for propeller shafts of 4WD and large passenger vehicles.
  • Prevent vibration and noise and make input/output axis speed even by original centering mechanism.
Electric pump for idle stop car
  • Compact structure achieved through one-piece pump, motor, and controller.

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